Support your local record stores

There aren’t many record stores in this area, but they do exist. My personal favorite is People’s Records in Arcata, because they have the largest selection of records. They also sell turntables, posters, CDs, DVDs, and other goodies.


Missing Link Records is also located in Arcata. It shares the same space as Dead Reckoning Tavern, a pub specializing in craft beers. Missing Link Records has a smaller selection, but the quality of music is usually pretty good.

Missing Link Records

Finally, there’s The Works in Eureka. The Works has a decent selection of various genres, but they might have the best punk and metal selection compared to the aforementioned record shops. They also carry a ton of other goodies, including comics, stickers, action figures, posters, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and so on.

Man walking out of The Works in Eureka, California.

Other places you can check for records are thrift stores, such as Angels of Hope in Arcata, but don’t get your hopes up in terms of finding top quality music in good shape.

Keep vinyl records alive! Support your local independent record stores! Happy hunting 🙂


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